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MSS Multi Solar System


The Multi Solar System (PVT)



The Multi Solar System (MSS) generates both electric and thermal energy using a single integrated collector, allowing the photovoltaic cells to be cooled by water/air which increases its relative efficiency. The cell cooling system generates up to 30% higher PV efficiency annually, compared to a regular PV panel under similar conditions. As the cells are cooled, the water/air pipes are heated and accumulate an efficiency of 85%: (15% electricity production and 70% thermal energy production), which can be used for various residential and industrial uses.


Millennium has developed a unique system using a steam turbine that integrates the MSS system to produce electricity in a combined cycle (Co-Generation). The efficiency of this combined solar system is the highest and the cost of electricity production is extremely competitive, even compared to the costs of "conventional" methods.


 Click Here to see Millennium Electric New PVT MSS Power Station



Savings in framing costs: uses the same frame for the PVT collector.
Savings hard glass lamination cost: uses the same glass cover for the PVT collector.
Savings in construction costs by using one construction setup for the integrated PVT system.
Savings of rooftop area costs for an integrated dual system.

Key Benefits:

  1. Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal Energy: Electricity, Hot Water and Hot Air.
  2. Unique, patented solution.
  3. Existing installed base.
  4. Tested and approved.


MSS-NEW-MIL-PVT-M02-190Watt DataSheet

MSS-NEW-MIL-PVT-M03-195Watt DataSheet

MSS-MIL-PVT-M02-320Watt DataSheet-V01

MSS-MIL-PVT-M03-340Watt DataSheet-V01